Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Why Knot"

Happy Valentine's Day, gUrls!

We haven't heard when the engaged Russell Westbrook and Nina Earl will tie the knot, but we do have some ideas they might want to incorporate into their wedding! Also, our hashtag suggestion is #WhyKnot because Russell's mantra is #WhyNot ;)

Click here for our "Why Knot" Pinterest board!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Highlights, Lowlights, & All Over Color: December 9

Hey gUrls!

Happy first week of December. Christmas is 16 days away.. which means the Thunder's Christmas Day jerseys are 16 days away. Remember when they wore those soccer jerseys on Christmas Day? It's okay if you haven't fully recovered because neither have we.


  • Speaking of jerseys, we haven't seen the alternates in awhile which is a Christmas miracle in and of itself. We were starting to blame them for all of the injuries. Santa, if you're reading this PLZ bring new alternates for Christmas!!!


  • We are winning these days. The Thunder's losing streak has come to an end which mean the fog has lifted in your boyf's world and date nights will start happening again. DON'T BRING IT UP THOUGH AND REALLY DON'T BRING UP THE WORD "PLAYOFFS". 
  • Russell AND Kevin are BACK.  The gang's all here! Well, sort of, anyway. Check out this fancy dunk by Russell. Safe to say his hand has fully recovered...
  • WILL AND KATE. YES, IM YELLING BECAUSE THE ROYAL FAM IS IN THE STATES AND THEY WENT TO A NBA GAME LAST NIGHT. We aren't really sure why they chose to go to a Nets game… yawn. Maybe because they are playing the Cavs and wanted to see Lebron.. we get it. Ladies, guy world and gUrl world just collided. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to talk to your crush. 

KISS CAM!!!!!!

  • We still aren't out of the woods. There is still some chatter that we might not make it to the playoffs. But now that Russ and KD are back we have high hopes because a world without Beefy T's is a world I do NOT want to live in.

  • Tonight we play the Bucks (yawn, again) and the Thursday we play the Cavs! Just like Kate Middleton! Both are home games so make those blowout appointments and we'll see you there. 
your Thunder gUrls

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Highlights, Lowlights, & All-Over Color: November 30

Hey gUrls!

We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday! We're back with another edition of Highlights, Lowlights, and All-Over Color. Lots of stuff happened these past few weeks, so let's jump right into it.


  • RUSS. IS. BACK. As you know, Russell Westbrook is back on the court and starting for the Thunder after he hurt his hand. This is good because the guys that were playing didn't really have the experience that Russell has. We should be winning more games. 
  • Steven Adams is a "Turkey Guy" and he loves America and OKC!! Recently, a few videos with Steven Adams have popped up and we can't help but think he is COMPLETELY ADORABLE! He visited Little Joe's Boots in the Stockyards and tried on some western wear. He's also promoting small business Saturday, which is great for our community. Check it out:  

  • Starbucks now has red holiday cups! Not related to the Thunder but we though you gUrls should know!! 
  • We have lost a lot of games. Everyone was getting pretty worried that we might not make it to the playoffs. But now that Russ is back - it should be getting a little better. 
  • Kevin Durant is still out. There's no official date when he should be back - but we're hoping it's soon. For now, he's on the sidelines kind of acting like the coach. But we can't help but love his buttoned up polo! 
  • We let go of Sebastian Telfair. :(. If you didn't know who that was, don't worry about it. He's not playing for us anymore. 
  • the Thunder gUrls saw some visiting Knicks players at Aloft Hotel! In addition to the Colcord and Skirvin Hotels, we think that this hotel may be where the visiting teams stay. We got an awesome pic of Amare Stoudemire! He's a really old NBA player that plays for the Knicks now. 

  • ICYMI: This picture of Mitch McGary exists - 
  • He's still out with an injury, but word is that he practiced with the team the other day. Us gUrls are wondering if he's been keeping in shape via his unicycle?!?!

  • Kevin Durant is now representing SONIC!!! For us gUrls that live off Sonic ice, this is great news! It's also kind of ironic because he used to play for the Seattle SuperSONICS. So, if the people in Seattle aren't mad enough now, they will probably be a lot more mad when he shows up in a Sonic commercial. What would YOU put in a KD Slush? Comment below!
  • The Thunder gUrls are still really active on Twitter! Have you followed us yet?
That's it for this week! We'll see you next time, xoxo Thunder gUrls

Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Friday Thunder gUrls Ultimate Shopping Guide

Hello gUrls! The most important holiday of the year is coming up, and I’m not talking about Christmas. It’s BLACK FRIDAY!! The most important shopping day of the year is THIS MONTH and you don’t want to be unprepared. This year, stores will be open in the evening on Thanksgiving Day so that means more shopping for us!!!!

There’s tons of Thunder-themed gifts out there, and you want to be sure to pick the perfect gift for everyone special in your life so they can remember and get you an awesome gift too!

For Your Mom
You want your mom to be fashionable when she's cheering on the Thunder, so why not get her an awesome Thunder scarf? We found this totally cute Etsy page selling scarves and different shirts and stuff. The prices won't break the bank and you'll probably win the Best Daughter Ever award when she opens her present on Christmas morning! 

For Your Dad – Westbrook Frames
Dad gifts are the hardest to buy, amiright?? Promise you, your dad does not want another drill set or tie. 

What he wants are WESTBROOK FRAMES!! These are Russell’s line of glasses and sunglasses. Check them out here.

For Your Brother – neff Beanie

So Kevin Durant just endorsed this company called neff. He's coming out with a KD underwear line even though the company started by making beanies. But they beanies are SUPER CUTE and if your brother doesn't like it, you can keep it for yourself. You can check out all the cool colors they have here. 

For Your Sister/Sorority Sister
The most important thing that you can do for your blood sister or sorority sister is make sure they are outfitted with the best Oklahoma City Thunder Apparel. There are tons of places in Oklahoma City that make great local t-shirts with funny sayings. Although sometimes it’s best to go the classic route and just buy a generic Comfort Colors sweatshirt like the one below.

The reason it’s good to get something general is because there are literally HUNDREDS of people that have Fear The Beard merchandise (based off James Harden, who doesn’t play for us anymore) that they can’t wear!!! #thestruggle
If you want to buy the sweatshirt you can purchase it wherever Kickoff Couture items are sold. There's more information here: They also have an AMAZING Instagram!!!

For your Boyf
gUrls! If you care at all about making your boyf happy, then get him a pair of Thunder Tickets! Make sure you get two, so he can take you to the game. Now, the most important part of getting him tickets is where your seats are located and who they are playing against. Here’s a simple guide, with gifts that you would want added for scale. 

  • Loud City tickets against the Milwaukee Bucs – Non–name brand top from TJ Maxx
  • Club Level tickets against the Houston Rockets – Kendra Scott earrings
  • Lower Level tickets against the Cleveland Cavs – Tory Burch riding boots!!!!!

Now you know!! If you have a question about what tickets to get, make sure to comment below and a Thunder gUrl will try to help you!

So there you have it! An awesome comprehensive list for all your shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Until next time gUrls!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Part 1: Loud City v. Floor Seats

Last season, I was lucky enough to experience Thunder games at the ‘Peake from two different vantage points: front row floor seats and last row Loud City seats. Before getting into the pros/cons of these seats, I'm sure you gUrls have a few questions, and as always, I'm happy to answer them. 

“’Loud City’? What’s that?”

The entire Chesapeake Energy Arena has been nicknamed “Loud City” because it is one of the loudest arenas in the NBA. There’s also a seating area within the ‘Peake that is technically named “Love’s Loud City” (sponsored by Love’s travel stops*) and affectionately nicknamed “Loud City” or “the nose bleeds”.

“What's the point of this blog post? Floor seats are the best. Definitely better than Loud City, right?”

Not necessarily. There are pros and cons to both seating locations. So many pros and cons that this will be a multi-part series. So before you drop your life savings on season tickets next to the real MVP (KD’s mom), continue reading. 

Part 1: Pros/Cons of.... THE VIEW 

Floor Seats

I recently took a trip with a friend to NYC and saw several Broadway musicals. One show starred Idina Menzel ("Adele Dazeem"/the voice of Elsa).  We bought front row tickets because I wanted to be as close to Idina as her security guy would allow. So for two hours, I sat directly below her. I was looking up Idina’s nose. I could see her dental work. It was an amazing experience, but sometimes close can be too close.

The view while sitting in front row floor seats is incredible. You get to see all of your favorite Thunder players up close and personal (ahem, unless they're injured). You see the sweat on their brow. You hear them encouraging each other, yelling at each other, getting sassy with the refs…  But sometimes close is too close.

Remember that sweat on their brow? Yeah, that sweat is also getting on you sometimes. When you yell at Perkins to get it together and make an easy jump shot, he can actually hear you. And then he looks at you and things get awkward real fast.  There's no way you're getting the big picture of the game. Your focus has to stay directly on the ball because there’s a decent chance it could hit you in the face (check in for a later post on "Risk of Injury").

Loud City

                   [No picture available because who takes a picture from Loud City?]

The view from Loud City is crappy. I rarely use the word "tippy", but Loud City is at the "tippy top" of the 'Peake. To actually see what’s going on, you need binoculars or you watch the jumbotron.  But there's a major pro here: you can yell whatever the heck you want at Perk because he can't see you and there’s absolutely no way he can hear you!!!**

*We were in no way compensated for mentioning Love's travel stops, but we are not above it if anyone were to offer. 

**My apologies to Vanity Perkins. I really do love your husband. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Highlights, Lowlights, & All-Over Color: November 9, 2015


  • In case there was any doubt, KD has now confirmed that he is a Taylor Swift Fan. (No word on his opinion on her new album.)


  • The Thunder is literally falling apart. We have temporarily lost so many players due to injury that the NBA felt sorry for us and let us a get a new guy. His name is literally "Ish" (no joke and no slang involved).  From what we gather, this Ish is not at all cray. haha lol
Ish Smith
  • #prayers4thunder.  So like, here's the list of people currently hurt and how they are injured. 

Perry Jones - knee
Andre Roberson - foot
Anthony Morrow - knee
Russell Westbrook - hand
Kevin Durant - foot (and broken heart, probably)
Mitch McGary - foot
Grant Jerrett - ankle
  • We are losing a lot of games. There is real potential that we could lose so many games while everyone is hurt that it could be tough to get into the Playoffs in the spring. Eek.


  • Fun facts about Ish: His major was Religion at Wake Forest. Follow him on Twitter here (@ishsmith) or on Instagram (ishsmith5).
  • There is a little bit of drama regarding Reggie Jackson. To make a long story short, he's made some comments recently that insinuates he wants to breakup with us leave the Thunder next summer because he would be happier with someone else wants to be a starter. Sorry we can't make you happy, Reggie, but we are doing the best we can and if that's not enough then maybe it's best if we date other people you move on.
  • Our current roster is: 

Lance Somebody
Sebastian Somebody
Serge Ibaka
Steven Adams
Reggie Jackson
Kendrick Perkins
Nick Collison
Jeremy Lamb
Ish Smith

Monday, November 3, 2014

Inside the Photo Booth with Kevin Durant

Since KD is injured, we know you gUrls have been wondering, "What has Kevin been up to? What's the 411? What's the hot gossip?" Well, we have quite a nugget for you. KD was best man in a wedding on October 25th. Yes, there was a photo booth. Yes, KD took advantage of it. Here are some favorites:


"I don't know you."

"Who are these people?"

"Over it."


"Do I look like Russell?"

"I'm the king of the world!"

"Did someone say 'LeBron'?"

"LeBron. Literally can't even."

Surprise!! Russ was there too. Kewl hat.


"Numba 1! Thunderrr up!"

"Prof pic"

"So sleepy. K, bye."